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With an impressively diverse career spanning multiple industries, Kiley Bedwell has consistently demonstrated remarkable adaptability. Starting in sales and purchasing, he seamlessly transitioned into applying accountancy principles in the corporate world, showcasing a solid ability to navigate various sectors. Beyond his professional endeavors, his interests reveal a character full of engagement and diversity.

Academic excellence is one of his standout achievements, with his dedication and resilience leading to noteworthy academic accomplishments. He studied at institutions including Moorpark College, CSUN, CSUCI, and the University of Arizona Global Campus, earning a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. His thirst for knowledge continued, propelling him to pursue a Master’s in Accountancy. This arduous journey culminated in graduating with a perfect GPA and making the Dean’s list, reflecting his tenacity and adaptability.

His professional path is marked by various roles in different sectors, ranging from sales and purchasing to facility coordination and passport expediting. In every position, he excelled in adaptability, skillfully applying accounting principles, managing administrative tasks, and focusing on customer satisfaction. His reputation for reliability, problem-solving skills, and meticulous attention to detail have significantly contributed to his employers and clients. His collaborative approach has also been vital in his career growth, fostering positive work relationships and ensuring optimal performance in his tasks and responsibilities.

Despite the demands of his career, he always finds time for leisure activities like sports, movies, anime, sports betting, and poker. Parkour, however, holds a special place in his heart. This high-risk activity reflects his adventurous spirit and love for intense physical challenges. Transitioning from rollerblading to parkour, he maintains his fitness and strengthens his connection with the parkour community. This innovative adaptation of his hobby further underscores his exceptional adaptability.

Kiley Bedwell



Kiley Bedwell

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